3 Reasons Why Tectran Should Be Your First Choice for 7-Way Plugs and Accessories

3 Reasons Why Tectran Should Be Your First Choice for 7-Way Plugs and Accessories

Sep 26th 2018

Delivering superior performance and exceptional features to heavy-duty electrical components; Tectran Manufacturing is beating the competition. Our 7-way plugs are compatible and interchangeable with all competitive SAE J560 style plugs and sockets. But, compatibility does not mean they are the same.

There are “3 reasons why” heavy-duty fleets should be using Tectran 7-way plugs and accessories.

1. Bend Restrictor Spring Dominance

Tectran’s 7-WAY SAE BUFFALO PLUG prevents the most common types of damage to wires; restraining the connections from bending too far at the point that matters most. With 40 coils, Tectran springs are tapered and tightly packed for a close fit. The spring’s exceptional design performs as the first line of defense stopping debris from entering and contaminating the connection.

2. Our Plug Handles Have Superior Strength and Durability

Tectran offers support when you need it the most. Our standard 7-way plugs come equipped with double gusseted “I-Beam” profile handles for exceptional strength. And our durable design and added features make our 7-way plugs less susceptible to breakage, especially in colder climates.

3. Combating Corrosion

Debris and water can diminish the quality of heavy-duty truck parts. Therefore, Tectran offers several options to safeguard your plug from a short lifespan, including pre-greased brass terminals on our standard 7-way plugs.

Available on cable assemblies or with a field installation kit; the WeatherSeal™ is a rugged sleeve with an inner sealant layer providing a weatherproof barrier that protects critical wire connections from corrosion.

Tectran also offers a 7-way plug made of polyamide (nylon). This material is excellent in stopping corrosion from rearing its ugly head.

Now that you know why we have the best 7-way plugs; don’t walk, run and pick-up Tectran’s 7-WAY SAE PLUGS for your heavy-duty fleet today!