Tectran - COVID-19 Status Update

March 24, 2020

Re: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic

Dear Valued Tectran Customers,

Tectran knows that you rely on us to keep your shelves stocked and stores operating, and we take that relationship and responsibility very seriously. We are all in the business of keeping trucks moving, and that is more important than ever right now.

With the concerning developments over the past several days related to the COVID-19 virus pandemic, we wanted to share with you some of the actions taken by Tectran to ensure our operations continue to support you over the coming weeks and months.

Supply Chain Continuity: While many of our core products are 100% manufactured in Tectran facilities in New York, Texas and Mississauga, we do rely on outside suppliers for many other items. We have been building inventory on Air-Power lines, Air Coils and a variety of other key parts, and are presently securing increased stock positions on other key items. Our objective is to continue to deliver with strong fill rates through this challenging time.

Manufacturing Facility Security: To reduce the possibility of business interruption, our management team has implemented significant risk reduction measures at all locations:

• Non-essential visitors will not be permitted on-site

• Enhanced cleaning protocols have been put in place in our facilities

• Employee distancing to reduce risk for our employees

Remote Workforce: Tectran has been investing in remote business tools over the past few years. We are leveraging these tools and infrastructure to continue to support our customers at the highest possible levels, as well as reduce employees on site together where possible.

Online Ordering: Our online e-commerce platform, located at is connected and available 24/7. If you are not currently using our website to place orders, now is a great time to start. Please contact us for your login credentials, since this is the easiest and fastest way to order parts.

The Tectran staff remains here to support you. We are working harder than ever to provide customers like you with best in class quality, delivery and value.

If there is anything that the Tectran team can do to help your business, we are here to help.



Bruce McKie


(416) 346-4540


Ron McNeill

US Sales Manager

(801) 842-6320


Daniel Richer

Canada Sales Manager

(514) 808-4030