LIFELine® Kit Installation Challenge

The LIFELine® Kit Installation Challenge

LIFELine® Kits by Tectran® install 3X faster than the competitive 3-in-1 products.

Watch the video to see a side-by-side comparison!

You can also see a real-time version of the same installation including gladhand installation here.

Why do LIFELine® Kits install so much faster?

Pre-Installed Premium Gladhands

LIFELine® Kits come with pre-installed gladhands right out of the box that include stainless steel filter screens and polyurethane seals. No need to spend time finding tools or parts. The LIFELine® Kit includes premium components from end to end and the pre-installed gladhands are no exception. These top-of-the-line gladhands have an anodized aluminum body, coated striker plate, and stainless-steel clamp for superior corrosion resistance.


LIFESwivel® Fittings

LIFESwivel® fittings offer 360° rotation during and after installation. That means an easy one-wrench installation without the hassle of adapters. All-brass construction provide corrosion resistance for a long service life.

Pre-Installed Tender Kit(s) with TEC-360 Clamps

LIFELine® Kits come with the tender kit(s) you need to suspend the connection system properly plus patented TEC-360™ clamps pre-installed in position for a typical installation. If you do need to move them, the innovative TEC-360™ clamp with its aluminum locking clasp allows for quick adjustments by hand without any tools.


TEC-360™ Clamp(s)

Tender Kit(s)

12 ft.


16" Dual Spring

13.5 ft.


16" & 25" Dual Spring

15 ft.


16" & 25" Dual Spring



Everything you need in one box

The LIFELine® Kit from Tectran® features premium components from end to end to provide a one-stop solution for your tractor-trailer connection needs. 


  • Pre-installed top-of-the-line anodized gladhands
  • Premium dual spring tender kit(s)
  • TEC-360™ Clamp
  • Spoon cut spiral wrap
  • 7-Way Buffalo plugs with WeatherSeal™ Sleeve
  • LIFESwivel® fittings
  • FLEXGRIP-HD™ gladhand grips
  • Tractor-side bend restrictors
  • Premium matched lines