Product Bulletins

Product Bulletins

13.5 ft AirPower Lines, LIFELine® Kits, & Accessories 13.5 FT Airpower lines, LIFELine® Kits, &  Accessories - Tectran’s new 13.5 ft connections are just right for applications where 15 ft assemblies are too long to suspend properly but 12 ft assemblies are too short to allow for an appropriate range of motion. (PB20171206)

13.5 LIFELINE KITS  A LIFELine® Kit combines Tectran’s industry leading designs into a complete, ready-to-install tractor-trailer connection system. Factory assembly and premium components eliminate the guesswork and reduce installation labor to an absolute minimum, which drives value to the absolute maximum. Order a single part number and install it with a single wrench. (PB20181009)

1.75 Multi-Purpose TEC-360™ Clamp - Part of the Next Generation of Tec-Clamps™, the patented TEC-360TM CLAMP (US Patent D794440) is a versatile, heavy duty clamp with an integrated 360° swivel. The TEC-360TM CLAMP swivel top allows for the clamp to rotate freely while in service which prevents binding, tangling, interlocked tender kit springs, and stress on connection points. (PB20191401)

3-Hole TEC-360™  Another Industry First! Tectran revolutionized the standard 3-hole clamp for tractor-trailer connection lines with the patented TEC-Clamp™ and now has set the bar even higher with the new 3-Hole TEC-360™ (PB20180901) 

90° Anodized Gladhands 90° Anodized Gladhands - The Industry's FIRST 90° gladhand! Tectran's premium corrosion resistant gladhands are now available in a 90° angle mount to support horizontal connections. The perfect Solution for applications where gladhands are mounted very low in the trailer. The 90° body design will assist in raising the air lines, keeping them from getting caught on the quarter fender, stairs, deck, or other tractor mounted accessories. PATENT D764,641 (PB20151027)

ABS Sensor Extension - Universal Universal ABS Sensor Extensions -The Universal Extensions allow you to stock one part series and remove the plug as needed to create a straight end extension. Removable 90° female plug adapter. Extensions are compatible with Meritor/Wabco style systems when used with plug. Detach adapter for use with Haldex and Bendix style systems. (PB20130506)

Aircoils - ARMORFLEX-HD™ ARMORFLEX-HD™ Aircoils with Armor Tubing are constructed using TECTRAN’s unique double jacketed tubing design which substantially lowers operating and cold flexibility ratings to -85°F. ARMORFLEX-HD™ also features TECTRAN’s unique FLEXGrip-HD™ thermo-elastomeric gladhand grips – our most robust grip for ultimate kink protection!  5 Year Limited Warranty. (PB20160101AFA)

Aircoils - Industry Grade Industry GradAircoils are constructed using premium, unprocessed virgin nylon tubing. LIFESwivel® all brass, corrosion resistant live swivel fitting provide a quick, single wrench installation. 2 Years Limited Warranty (PB20160101IG)

Aircoils - MAGNUMFLEX-HD™ MANGNUMFLEX-HD™ Dual-Line Aircoils feature all the same protective armor coating as the ARMORFLEX-HD™ line with the added benefit of Fused Technology bonding the lines together into one single unit. This Fuseed Technology allows for the most tangle free, coiled tractor-trailer connection system in the industry! 5 Year Limited Warranty (PB20160101MF)

Aircoils - PROFLEX-SP™ PROFLEX-SP™ Aircoils features the FLEXGrip-SP™ thermo-elastomeric gladhand grip. These uniquely tapered grips flex with air lines during tight turns providing the industry's most advanced kink protection. 3 Year Limited Warranty. (PB20160101PF)

Aircoils - VORTECX™ VORTECX™ ARMORCOIL Aircoils with Brass Handles are constructed using TECTRAN’s unique double jacketed tubing design which substantially lowers operating and cold flexibility ratings to -85°F. Brass handles on trailers leads provide added tubing protection during gladhand connections. 3 Year Limited Warranty. (PB20160101VT)

AIRCOILS - V-line with LIFESwivel® V-line Aircoils featuring a LIFESwivel®  1/2" live swivel tractor fitting for faster installations. 1 Year Limited Warranty (PB20160718LH)

Airpower Line TEC-360™ Clamp AirPower Line TEC-360™ Clamp: An Industry First! The AirPower Line TEC-360™ Clamp offers the same robust features as our original AirPower Line Tec-Clamp™ with the added feature of the red swivel top. The Tec-360°swivel top allows for the AirPower Line to rotate freely which prevents binding, interlocked springs, and stress on connection points.(PB083017)  

AirPower Lines Air Power Lines - The All-In-One-Connection Soultion! Tectran invented the AirPower Line to solve snagging and damage of straight hookup lines for users who prefer not to use coiled lines. Fully factory-assembled, the AirPower Line combines all of the best features of TECTRAN’s rubber air hose and ABS cable assemblies into one convenient bundle that installs in minutes. (PB20160101AP)

AirPower Lines - ArticFlex™ ArticFlex™ AirPower Lines are the ideal all-in-one connection solution for severe weather. Low-temperature grade rubber air hoses and ABS power line are made to perform in the most extreme weather conditions. Premium FLEXGrip-HD™ and heavy duty spiral wrap extend product life and minimize costly downtime.(PB20160101ARTF)

AirPower Lines - DOUBLEDUAL™ 4-in-One Air Power Line - DOUBLEDUAL™ 4-in-One - The 4-in-One DOUBLEDUAL™ configuration combines the convenience of the AirPower Line plus an added tailgate power line featuring Tectran’s DOUBLEDUAL™ one-plug Solution. TheDOUBLEDUAL™ dual pole plug is universally configured to function with both vertical or horizontal socket designs. Simplify your connection lines with this universal plug option.(PB20170221APL)

Industry Grade AirPower Lines Product Bulletin INDUSTRY GRADE AIRPOWER LINES  - The Industry Grade series of AirPower Lines was designed with the cost-conscious fleet in mind. It combines proven features with an overlay of key upgrades to strike the perfect balance of value and performance. (PB20180709)

Air Brake Tubing Air Brake Tubing - Product line up featuring air brake tubing. Available in a variety of lengths, color and sizes.(PB20171219ABT)

Air Shift Transmission Hose Assembly Air Shift Transmission Hose Assembly- Tectran has added Air Shift Transmission Hose Assemblies to our Air Components Line.  These hose assemblies feature an improved Live Swivel design.  Our Air Shift Transmission Hose Assemblies are offered in a wide selection of lengths as well as customs sizes. (PB20131127)

Air Tank - Product Lineup Reference Guide Air Tank Full Prodcut Line Up Guide - Tectran has added new Air Tank part numbers to our product line. This guide displays the full Air Tank line with images. (PB20170104AT)

Air Treatment - Desiccant Cartridges Desiccant Cartridges - Our new expanded line of desiccant cartridges covers most OEM dryer options. All cartridges are new - no hidden core costs! (PB20141101C)

Air Treatment - Model 9 Air Dryer Model 9 Air Dryer - The Model 9 Air Dryer will keep your air brake system free of contaminants to maintain efficiency and extend the life your downstream air devices. (PB20141101B)

Air Treatment - Model 1200 Air Dryer Model 1200 Air Dyer - This compact and lightweight air dryer is a cost effective option for on-highway Class 7 & 8 tractors. (PB20141101A)

Air Treatment - Model SP Air Dryer Model SP Air Dyer - This compact and lightweight air dryer is a cost effective option for on-highway Class 7 & 8 tractors. (PB20150914)

Air Valve Product Addition With the addition of the parts below, TECTRAN has added over 200 new part numbers to our air valve offering in 2016. We trust these additions deliver excellent coverage on the top movers and also some hard to find valves. Please review our master catalog CAT1 and this list of new additions for our complete coverage. (PB20170307AV)

Anodized Gladhands Anodized Gladhands Product Lineup - Tectran’s premium gladhands are available with an anodized aluminum body for extra protection in extremely corrosive environments. (PB20170207)

Brake Safe® Brake Safe® - Brake adjusment made easy! Don’t turn your safety into guesswork! Checking tractor/trailer brake adjustments has never been easier. Brake Safe® provides visual measurement of push-rod travel and out-of-adjustement brake chambers. (PB20170116)

Brake Safe® - Universal Kits Brake Safe® Universal Kits - make visual inspection of brake stroke travel fast and easy, which protects you from DOT infractions and gets you on the road faster by reducing pre-trip inspection time. These universal kits were created to simplify the ordering process and reduce your inventory by expanding the vehicle coverage that each kit can offer. (PB20170427)

Bulk Color-Coded Air Hose Bulk Color-Coded Air Hose - Our color-coded air hose is now sold in bulk!  Available in both 50ft and 100ft lengths. (PB20140711)  

Bull-Nose Sockets BULL-NOSE SOCKETS - RUGGED ELECTRICAL CONNECTION SOLUTIONS - Tectran has developed a better way to ensure sound electrical connections between the tractor and trailer. Tough “BUFFALO” plugs and sockets put up a hefty fight against corrosion and harsh handling. (PB20180125)

Color-Coded Air Line Hose Color-coded Air Line Hose – Minimize incorrect tractor/trailer hook ups with our new color-coded air line hose.  The uniform dual-braided design with interwoven spirals provides greater flexibility and improved twist resistance compared to other spiral designs. Color-coded hoses available on Tectran’s Air Line Hose Assembly product line, and AirPower Lines. (PB20141020)

Color Cable Ties Color Cable Ties - TECTRAN now carries a full line of color coded cable ties. (PB20170605)

Dash Fans Speedy Air - Tectran has added Dash Fans to our extensive product line. Standard and Heavy Duty options are available. Each dash fan is packaged in an attractive, retail ready packaging. (PB20130403)

DOUBLEDUAL™ DoubleDual Plugs -  One plug handles all your dual pole application needs!  Universally configured to function with both vertical and horizontal socket designs eliminating the need to stock multiple dual pole plug and cable assemblies.  DoubleDual™ plugs accommodates bi-directional connectivity regardless of the single or dual pole configuration used on either the tractor or the trailer. (PB20131008)

DOUBLEDUAL™ Replacement Chart DOUBLEDUAL™ Prodcut Line Replacement Chart- Power coil replacement chart for current dual pole product offering.  Simplify your fleet equipment today with this universal plug option! (PB20131125)

Dual Clamp Cable Ties Dual Clamp Cable Ties - Provide parallel separation between two bundles, preventing chaffing and abrasion.  Optional mounting hole allows for secure bundling and wide releasable strap minimizes pinching. (PB20140610)

Dummy Gladhand - Heavy Duty Dummy Gladhand - Tectran's new dummy gladhand provides a reliable shutoff when coupled with a service, emergency, or universal gladhand. Premium stainless steel cable and a robust cast iron gladhand maximize performance and extend product life. (PB20150903)

Dummy Socket Product Bulletin Dummy Socket - Plug Storage - Universal plug storage is now available from Tectran. The Dummy Socket is a low cost, durable solution for plug storage problems. It can accept any J560 or J3082 style plug including 7-way, 7-way auxiliary, dual pole horizontal, and dual pole vertical plugs. (PB20180108)

FLEXGrip-HD™ - Premium Gladhand Grips FLEXGrip-HD™ premium gladhand grips dramatically reduce road service calls saving time and money. FLEXGrip-HD™ thermo-elastomeric gladhand grips flex with air lines during tight turns providing the industries most advanced kink protection. Designed for use on aircoils and rubber hose assemblies. (PB12012016FG)

Hose Assemblies - Dual LIFESwivel® Dual LIFESwivel® Hose Assemblies - Get more life out of your hose assembly with our all brass, corrosion resistant live swivel fittings. Dual swivel ends allow for movement without binding making for quick and easy single wrench installation. (PB20160101DS)

Hub Caps  - Tectran’s expanded line up of hub caps includes both 6 hole and Propar Spin-on style hub caps. (PB20170425HC)

Hose End Repair Kits Tectran Hose End Repair Kits - for all 3/8" ID Air Brake Hose. All-in-one repair kits enable drivers to repair broken hoses on the go. Available in bulk or attractive retail packaging. (PB20130402)

Metric Nylon Tubing Metric Nylon Tubing - Product line up featuring metric nylon tubing. Available in 100 ft lengths of black or white.(PB20170131MNT)

Oil Coalescing Plus Line Up Oil Coalescing Plus Line Up - TECTRAN now offers a line of OCP™ Model 9 & 1200 air dryers and desiccant cartridges. Our OCP™ line offers all the same great features and benefits of our standard line with the addition of an oil coalescing filter to provide even greater protection against oil particles entering your air system. (PB20170315OCP) 

Pogo Sticks with TEC-CLAMP™ Pogo Sticks with TEC-CLAMP™- Securing tractor/trailer connection lines just got even easier! Tectran’s new 3 hole TEC-CLAMP™ is now available on our suspension products. Simply lock in your lines and go! No tools or hardware needed for fast, easy line installations! Versatile design can be used with both rubber air hose or coiled tubing connections. (PB20150724)

Premium Wire Terminals PREMIUM WIRE TERMINALS - TECTRAN’s now offers an innovative line of premium wire terminals designed to reduce installation time and improve productivity. (PB12012016)

7-Way ABS Powercoils 7-Way ABS Powercoils - Premium quality assemblies designed for the demands of modern ABS-equipped trailers and for multiple-trailer configurations.  (PB20180401)

PRO-TEC™ Kits PRO-TECKits - Looking to extend the usable life of your tractor trailer connection lines? TECTRAN now offers a variety of PRO-TEC™ Kits that conveniently packages everything you need to help protect and prolong the life of your straight air lines and electrical cables. Available in 3 levels of protection, TECTRAN has you covered no matter what your needs are. (PB20160303)

Push Lock Standpipes Push Lock Standpipe -The Solution to aid nylon tubing routing problems in tight spaces (PB20140401)

Severe Climate Solutions Severe Climate Solutions – Winter weather can wreak havoc on your trucks equipment.  Tectran provides a full line of products to help you combat extreme climate conditions.  From hose & tubing with super cold flexibility rating, to corrosion resistant anodized gladhands we have all your severe climate solutions! (PB20140124)

Skylight Assembly Skylight Assembly - Tectran's skylight assembly's unique design eliminates the need for adhesive, tapes, or silicones that are susceptible to cold, and vibration damage. (PB20161130) 

Spiral Wrap Spiral Wrap Line Up - Tectran has expanded our line of spiral wrap to include three new, bold color options. Extending the usable life of your connections never looked so good! (PB20160101CS)

Step-Down Connectors Step Down Connectors - Connect two different sized gauge wires in one smooth and reliable connection. (PB20141029)

Tarp Straps Rubber Trap Straps -  Tectran has an extensive variety of Natural and EPDM Rubber Tarp Starps. Our Heavy Duty and Platinum Lines have crimped “S” hooks. While our Gold Line is an industry standard within the trucking industry. (PB072817)

APL TEC-CLAMP™ Connecting AirPower Lines just got easier! The new AirPower Line TEC-CLAMP™ allows you to lock in your lines and go. No tools or hardware needed for fast, easy installations! (PB20150909)

TEC-CLAMP™ Tectran's new, durable Clamp Solution! Hooking-up tractor/trailer connection lines just got easier! The new 3 holeTEC-CLAMP™ allows you to lock in your lines and go. No tools or hardware needed for fast, easy installations! Versatile design can be used with both rubber air hose or coiled tubing connections. (PB20140513)

TEC-CLAMP™ Line Up TECTRAN's durable clamping solution is now available in 2-Hole, 3-Hole, and 4-Hole configurations! (PB20150801)

TEC-CLAMP™ - EXPANSION SERIES TEC-CLAMP™ - EXPANSION SERIES -   The patented TEC-CLAMP™ (patent D794,439) is a versatile, heavy duty clamp that is available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Common applications may include suspending hydraulic hoses, wrapped tractor-trailer connections, and other bundles of hose, cable, and tubing. No tools are required to open and close the clamp so installation and adjustment are quick and simple. (PB20180118)

Tender Kits - Customizable TECTRAN’S Clampless Tender Kit program provides for the ultimate level of flexibility in order to mix and match tender kits and clamps to create a perfect combination ideally suited for each customer’s application needs. (PB201608030TK)

Tender Kit with AirPower Line TEC-CLAMP™ Tectran's AirPower Line TEC-CLAMP™ is now available on our Dual Tender Kits. Simply lock in your 3-in-One AirPower Line and go. No tools or hardware needed for fast, easy installations! (PB20151214)

TEC-CLAMP™ Family Counter Spinner TEC-CLAMP™ Family Counter Spinner - Our compact 4-sided counter spinner provides a space-saving & attractive way to display our TEC-CLAMP™Family product line. The perfect way to showcase these easy to use and innovative clamps. (PB20151201)

Tender Kit with TEC-CLAMP™ Tectran's 3-hole TEC-CLAMP™ is now available on our Tender Kit Products (PB20141031)


French Product Bulletins

AirPower Lines - TECTRAN a conçu l’AirPower Line pour permettre aux utilisateurs qui préfèrent les câbles de raccordement droits aux câbles spiralés d’éviter les fissures et les dommages causés à leur matériel. (PB20170130FR)

BOBINES À AIR À CONDUITES DOUBLE MAGNUMFLEX-HDMC - TECTRAN est le seul fabricant à offrir une véritable solution à conduites double pour mettre fin au problème de bobines à air emmêlées. (PB20190602FR)

BOYAUX LIFESwivel® ASSEMBLÉS À DEUX RACCORDS PIVOTANTS - FRENCH LIFESwivel® – boyau doté de raccords pivotants en laiton qui empêche la corrosion. (PB20161202)

BOYAUX AIRPOWER LINE DE 13,5 PI, ENSEMBLES LIFELINE® ET ACCESSOIRES - Les nouveaux raccords de 13,5 pi de Tectran sont parfaits pour les installations dans lesquelles les câbles de 15 pi sont trop longs pour pendre correctement et dans lesquelles les câbles de 12 pi sont trop courts pour permettre une bonne amplitude de mouvement. LKAPL135T SHOWN HERE: ™ Boyaux AirPower (PB20171206FR)

Brake Safe - (French) BRAKE SAFE® - LE RÉGLAGE DES FREINS - Vérifier le réglage des freins d’un camion ou d’une remorque n’aura jamais été aussi facile! L’indicateur Brake Safe® fournit des mesures visuelles de la course de la tige de poussée et du réglage des récepteurs de freinage. (PB20181010FR)

Câble électrique ABS spiralé 7 pôles - Câble de qualité supérieur conçu pour les remorques modernes équipées d’un système ABS et les installations à remorques multiples. (PB20180401FR)

ENSEMBLE LIFELINE® DE BOYAUX AIRPOWER LINE 3-EN-UN - L’ensemble LIFELine® de Tectran offre un design de pointe jumelé à un système de raccordement tracteur-remorque prêt à installer. (PB20191102FR)

Gamme TEC-CLAMP™ Raccorder des conduites de tracteur et de remorque n’aura jamais été aussi simple! (PB20161201)

PINCE TEC-360° 3-EN-UN POUR L’AIRPOWER LINE - FRENCH TEC-360° pour l’AirPower Line - Une première dans l’industrie! La pince TEC-360° pour l’AirPower Line offre la même robustesse que notre pince TEC-CLAMP originale avec un pivot rouge supérieur en plus. La pièce pivotante de la TEC-360° permet à l’AirPower Line de tourner librement afin de prévenir le pliage, l’entremêlement des ressorts et la pression sur les points de raccordement. (PB083017FR)

PINCE TEC-360MC À 3 TROUS - Une autre première dans l’industrie! Tectran a révolutionné la pince à 3 trous standard pour les câbles de raccordement tracteur-remorque grâce à la pince TEC-ClampMC brevetée, et place la barre encore plus haute avec la nouvelle pince TEC-360MC à 3 trous (PB20180901FR)

PRISE FICTIVE - Tectran offre maintenant un système de stockage universel de prise. La prise fictive est une solution économique et durable pour les problèmes de stockage. Elle est compatible avec les prises J560 et J3082, dont les prises à 7 pôles, les prises auxiliaires à 7 pôles, les prises horizontales à 2 pôles et les prises verticales à 2 pôles. (PB20180108FR)

TENDEUR ET PINCE TEC-CLAMP™ - FRENCH Raccorder des conduites de tracteur et de remorque n’aura jamais été aussi simple! La nouvelle pince TEC-CLAMP à 3 trous de Tectran est maintenant offerte avec nos tendeurs.

TENDEUR SANS PINCE - FRENCH TENDEUR SANS PINCE - La gamme de tendeurs sans pince de TECTRAN offre une flexibilité optimale. Le mélange de tendeur et de pince permet de créer une combinaison parfaite pour répondre aux besoins uniques de chaque client. (PB201608030TK) 

TÊTES D’ACCOUPLEMENT ANODISÉES - FRENCH TÊTES D’ACCOUPLEMENT ANODISÉES-  Les têtes d’accouplement de qualité supérieure de Tectran sont faites d’aluminium anodisé pour offrir une meilleure protection dans les conditions extrêmement corrosives. Toutes ses têtes d’accouplement respectent la norme SAE J318 ou la dépassent. (PB20170317AG)

TIGES À RESSORT AVEC TEC-CLAMP - FRENCH Raccorder des conduites de tracteur et de remorque n’aura jamais été aussi simple! La nouvelle pince TEC-CLAMP à 3 trous de Tectran est maintenant offerte avec nos tendeurs. Il vous suffit de verrouiller vos conduites en place, puis vous êtes prêt à partir. L’installation est rapide et ne nécessite aucun outil ni équipement! Grâce à sa conception polyvalente, vous. pouvez l’utiliser pour le raccordement de tuyaux d’air en caoutchouc ou de tuyaux spiralés. (PB20150724)

TROUSSES PRO-TEC - FRENCH TROUSSES PRO-TEC - Vous voulez prolonger la durée de vie des câbles de raccordement de votre remorque? TECTRAN offre maintenant différentes trousses PRO-TEC pratiques qui contiennent tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour protéger vos conduites d’air droites et vos câbles électriques afin d’en prolonger la durée de vie. TECTRAN propose 3 niveaux de protection selon vos besoins. (PB20160303)

TROUSSE DE RÉPARATION POUR EMBOUT DE BOYAU DE TECTRAN - La trousse de réparation de Tectran offre une solution permanente aux boyaux d’accouplement de frein à air endommagés ayant un diamètre intérieur de ½ po. (PB20192202FR)

DISPOSITIF ZAFETY LUG LOCK®Le dispositif Zafety Lug Lock® crée une résistance entre deux écrous pour éviter qu’ils ne se desserrent. (PB2019051920FR)



Spanish Product Bulletins

ARMORFLEX-HD™ - Spanish ARMORFLEX-HD™ - La serie ARMORFLEX-HD™ presenta el agarre de acople de manguera termoelastomérico FLEXGrip-HD™ Estos agarres con forma cónica exclusiva se doblan junto con los conductos de aire al hacer giros cerrados, proporcionando la protección contra retorcimientos más avanzada de la industria. (PB20160101AFSP)

ABRAZADERA AIRPOWER LINE TEC-360° 3 EN UNO - Spanish ABRAZADERA AIRPOWER LINE TEC-360° 3 EN UNO - ¡La primera de la industria! La abrazadera AirPower Line TEC-360° ofrece las mismas características sólidas que nuestro AirPower Line TEC-CLAMP™ original, pero presenta la adición de un eslabón giratorio de color rojo en la parte superior. (PB083017SP)

BOBINAS DE AIRE - V-line con LIFESwivel® - Spanish BOBINAS DE AIRE - V-line con LIFESwivel® -   (PB20160718LHSP)

Bobinas de alimentación de 7 formas - Spanish Bobinas de alimentación de 7 formas - Montajes de calidad premium diseñados para las demandas de remolques modernos equipados con ABS y configuraciones de remolques múltiples. (PB20180401SP)

CONDUCTOS DE AIRE Y ALIMENTACIÓN - Spanish CONDUCTOS DE AIRE Y ALIMENTACIÓN - TECTRAN INVENTÓ EL AIRPOWER LINE para brindar una solución a la ondulación y el daño causado a los conductos de enganche recto para aquellos usuarios que prefieren evitar el uso de conductos bobinados. (PB20160101APSP)

FLEXGrip-HD™ - Spanish FLEXGrip-HD™ - Los registros muestran que los conductos equipados con agarres de acople de manguera FLEXGrip-HD™ son más confiables. El uso de FLEXGrip-HD™ reduce en gran medida las llamadas de servicio en la carretera, algo que ahorra tiempo y dinero. Este producto ha sido diseñado para su uso en montajes tanto de bobinas de aire como de mangueras de goma. (PB12012016SP)

CANGUROS con TEC-CLAMP™ - Spanish CANGUROS con TEC-CLAMP™ - ¡Ahora es aún más fácil asegurar los conductos de conexión del tractor/remolque! El nuevo TEC-CLAMP™ de Tectran con 3 orificios ya está disponible para nuestros productos de suspensión. ¡Solo asegure su conductos y salga! ¡No se necesitan equipos ni herramientas para una instalación rápida y sencilla de los conductos! (PB20150724SP)

GAMA TEC-CLAMP™ - Spanish GAMA TEC-CLAMP™La solución de sujeción duradera - ¡Ahora es más fácil enganchar los conductos de conexión del tractor/remolque! ¡El nuevo TEC-CLAMP™ le permite asegurar sus conductos y salir! ¡No se necesitan equipos ni herramientas para una instalación rápida y sencilla! Su diseño versátil puede utilizarse en conexiones tanto de mangueras de aire de goma como de tubería en espiral. (PB20150801SP)

KIT COLGANTE con TEC-CLAMP™ para AIRPOWER LINE - Spanish KIT COLGANTE con TEC-CLAMP™ para AIRPOWER LINE -  El nuevo TEC-CLAMP™ para AirPower Line de Tectran ahora está disponible en nuestros kits colgantes dobles. ¡Solo asegure su AirPower Line 3 en uno y salga! ¡No se necesitan equipos ni herramientas para una instalación rápida y sencilla! (PB20151214SP)

MONTAJES DE MANGUERA DOBLES CON LIFESWIVEL® - Spanish LIFESwivel™ - Un diseño de eslabón giratorio duradero construido plenamente en latón para eliminar la corrosión. (PB20160101DSSP