TEC Bulletins

TEC Bulletins

4-Way Single Solenoid Valve Installation instructions for Part No. 29-SS6M - 4-way single solenoid valve is a 5 port, 2 position spool valve which offers remote electronic control along with full manual override.

Air Brake Hose - Pin Pricks Addressing the concerns and misconceptions of pin pricks in air brake hoses.

Aircoil Installation Practices The following practices should be adhered to in order to maximize performance and life of tractor/trailer connection lines.

Air Brake – NTA Fittings Fitting assembly instructions.

Aircoils - ARMORCOILS™ Tectran's unique ARMORCOIL™ Aircoil assemblies consist of standard, approved Nylon Airbrake Tubing that is armored with an external protective sheath of durable polyurethane. This ensures compliance of the important tube assembly to pertinent DOT & SAE standards, while providing additional protection against kinking, abrasion and cut-through. The protective polyurethane armor is stripped back inside the nut of the fitting, enabling the use of approved DOT/SAE compression fittings, while providing extra protection to the tube at the fitting. Assemblies are fitted with FLEX-Grips™ to provide even better protection to the inner tubing during gladhand connection. Technical specifications provided.

Air Treatment TB-AD1 - Model 9 & PAP Air Dyers Replacement instructions for Model 9 & PAP air dryers (Part No. AT065225, AT065225K, AT065224, AT33100)

Air Treatment TB-AD2 - Model 1200 Air Dryer Replacement instructions for Model 1200 air dryer (Part No. AT955205K & AT955300

Air Treatment TB-AD5 - Model 9 Desiccant Cartridge Replacement instructions for Model 9 desiccant cartridge (Part No. AT107796)

Air Treatment TB-AD6 - Spin On Desiccant Cartridges Replacement instructions for spin on desiccant cartridges (Part No. AT6026, AT109994, AT950011, AT950068)

Air Treatment TB-AD19 - Model 9 & Model PAP Troubleshooting Guide Troubleshooting Guide for Model 9 & Model PAP air dyers

Air Treatment TB-AD20 - Model 1200 Troubleshooting Guide Troubleshooting Guide for Model 1200 air dryer

Air Treatment TB-AD21 - PCCV Troubleshooting Guide Troubleshooting Guide for the Pressure Controlled Check Valve (PCCV) (Part No. AT1003100)

Air Treatment TB-AD22 - Proper Application of Spin On Desiccant Cartridges Although cartridges AT109994 & AT950011 are the same thread size, same pitch, and have the same size O-ring they are not interchangeable. Designed for different air dyers, the desiccant canisters allow for different air flow and are therefore specific to each dryer type.

Air Treatment TB-AD23 - Winterizing Your Air System Preventative maintenance will help your air system through the cold winter months with fewer malfunctions. This guide covers the basic steps necessary to winterize your air system. 

ArticFlex™ Cable Tectran’s unique ArticFlex™ cable is rated to -85°F for extreme cold conditions. ArticFlex also withstands the impact of rocks and other road debris at much lower temperatures than competitor products. Technical specifications provided.

ArticFlex™ – Resistance Chart OHMS chart displaying voltage drop/foot vs. Amperes.

Battery Lug Ratings Amperage & volt rating chart.

Battery & Starter Cable SGT Cable is jacked with specially formulated abrasion resistant PVC, providing high performance and excellent value. Technical specifications provided.

Blow Gun & OSHA Safety Tip Air nozzle OHSA compliance bulletin for the compact safety lever blow gun – Part No. 14501 & 14501-1 (tip installed).

Brass Matrix Chart This chart illustrates the part number naming matrix for Tectran's tubing fittings. 

Dual Battery Cable This dual cable is ideally suited for use for tailgate and battery charging applications where a dual-pole connector with an integral ground terminal or a single pole connector with an external ground lug is used. These connectors in male and female are available separately or as part of assemblies manufactured by Tectran. This cable can also be used for cold starting and booster applications using a clamp, lug or battery terminal. Available separately or as part of assemblies manufactured by Tectran. Technical specifications provided.

Fuel Line, Vapor Emission & Crankcase Ventilation This durable, quality-made hose is similar to the SAE J30R7 specifications. It is used for conveying most current types of fuels in automobiles, trucks and buses. This hose is also an aftermarket standard, providing excellent service for original equipment, wholesalers, aftermarket packagers and auxiliary tank manufacturers. Technical specifications provided.

General Purpose Hose Our General Purpose Hose is a premium 300 psi high oil resistant non-conductive push-on hose that will provide smooth, safe performance in oily and harsh conditions. Technical specifications provided.

LIFELINE Clamp Placment and Adjustment - The factory clamp position on a TECTRAN® AirPower Line or LIFELine® Kit is 40” from the “tractor-end” of the assembly. This is a good fit for many applications but adjustments may be necessary based on your exact set up

Plugs and Sockets vs Competitors - Not all tractor-trailer plugs & sockets are the same. TECTRAN® Plugs & Sockets are DIFFERENT and BETTER than the generic designs on the market. 

Reusable Hose Fittings - D.O.T D.O.T Specifications for Reusable Hose Fittings

Safety Valve Diagram of lock nuts, relief ports and adjustment screws of safety valve operation – Part No. 112HD.

Seal Tool Instructions Sheet - Remove an old seal and install a new seal using the Seal Tool – Part No. 10111T.

Skylight Assembly Installation Instructions Installation instructions for Part No. 4011.

Spring Guards Regulations Federal Regulations of spring guard use pertaining to air brake tubing and hose.

TEC-CLAMP™ – Visual Differences in Clamp Housing Design TEC-CLAMP™ –  Visual Differences in Clamp Housing Design - You may have noticed visual differences in the design of some of our TEC-CLAMP™ housings. Tec-Clamps with an inside diameter less than 2 inches have a “smooth” housing, and clamps with an inside diameter of 2 inches or more have a series of “cut-outs” in the walls of the housings. (TB20181210)

WeatherSeal™ Field Install Kit Instructions Installation instructions for Part No. 670-71WS.